Oliver Warburton Remedial Massage Therapist

Oliver Warburton
Diploma of Remedial Massage

Oliver graduated in 2020 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Melbourne Institute of Massage & Myotherapy (Heidelberg).

He is dedicated to his clients’ well-being, conducting thorough assessments to address both physical and emotional aspects of pain and tension. Oliver provides effective relief and ongoing improvement for various structural issues, catering to clients from all walks of life.

With a passion for education, Oliver empowers his clients by sharing knowledge on correcting posture and biomechanics, aiding them in achieving better movement patterns and a pain-free life. Drawing from personal experiences, he intimately understands and treats dysfunctions such as tennis or golfers elbow, lower back and hip instability, and neck and shoulder tension.

Oliver’s approach involves blending techniques to offer personalized remedial treatments alongside relaxation methods, leaving clients feeling both pain-free and relaxed after each session.

Outside of his practice, Oliver enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction, particularly in areas such as neuroscience, personal development, fitness, nutrition, and psychology. With 25 years of musical experience, he also appreciates music, literature, film, and the arts.

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