Osteopathy Consultation Info

New Patients.As a new patient we will take a thorough history, do a full examination & comprehensive treatment.

What to bring.Previous x-rays, scans or reports.

Post Treatment.We also supply pillows, braces, gym balls, orthotics, braces, creams and nutritional supplements that you may require to help assist in your recovery. After your consultation you will be advised whether to apply heat or ice, take any medication, or do any strengthening or rehab exercises.

osteopathy consultation regarding spine

Osteopathic Treatment Sessions

Standard Consultation

Osteopathic treatment session.


Discount Consultation

student, pensioner concession card holders.


Myotherapy Treatment Sessions

45 minute consultation

45 minute Myotherapy treatment session.


60 Minute Consultation

60 minute Myotherapy treatment session.


90 Minute Consultation

90 minute Myotherapy treatment session.