Alice Fraser, Osteopath

Alice Fraser

On maternity leave until the end of the year

Osteopath – BSc(ClinSc) MHSc(Osteo) MAOA

Alice has completed a Master Degree in Osteopathy at Victoria University. She enjoys treating a wide variety of patients from weekend runners to elite athletes, school kids & office workers to baby boomers.

Alice has just returned from 2 years abroad working at a busy London Osteo Clinic. Prior to that Alice worked at clinics in Melbourne including with us here at Richmond Osteo Clinic.

Alice has experience treating and managing lower back pain & sciatica; neck & shoulder pain; headaches and migraines; as well as jaw & TMJ pain. Living in London, Alice developed a particular interest in running injuries, having worked with many of London’s running clubs as well as those new to the sport.

She uses a variety of osteopathic techniques to get the best results for each patient, such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, spinal joint manipulation and dry needling. These are used with advising and educating about how your own body works and what day to day changes can be made to normal routine to prevent recurrence of injury. Alice believes that treatment for symptomatic relief, self-management and rehabilitation can be key to getting each patient back on track.

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