Abbotsford Osteopathy Near Richmond Osteopathic Clinic

Are you suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain and you’re in need of a trusted local Osteopath to relieve you from your discomfort? Richmond osteopathy clinic is a short distance from Abbotsford and has certified Osteos available to treat you.

Getting to Richmond Osteo?

Getting to Richmond-Osteopathic Clinic is easy and you have many options from Abbotsford.

If you are ok to drive, Abbotsford to Richmond is less than 4 kilometres in distance. Depending on traffic its only a 10 minute drive door to door.

Just a short walk (approx 10 minutes) from Burnley station, jump on the Lilydale line.

Parking at Richmond Osteopathic Clinic

There is plenty of street parking that is free for 2 hours. We’ll have you in an out before you can overstay and be caught out by any traffic inspectors.

Local Cafes

If you arrive at Richmond Osteopathic Clinic early or feel so great after your osteo treatment that you wish to relax with a coffee, there are plenty of great cafes close to the Swan Street and Burnley Street corner.

Our Osteopathic Treatments

You can see a comprehensive list of our osteopathic treatments but here is a summary:

Our Professional Team

All of the Osteopath’s at the Richmond Osteopathic Clinic graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne, undertaking a five year double degree (Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science – majoring in Osteoapthy). This extensive training has resulted in a thorough knowledge base, with emphasis placed upon anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry and biomechanics; along with the mechanism of injuries sustained to the musculo-skeletal system, and the appropriate treatment and management of these injuries.

Meet Our Osteo Doctors

Locate Us

We are located at 329 Lennox Street, Richmond 3121

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