Dylan McMahon, Osteopath

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Dylan McMahon

Osteopath – BSc(ClinSc) MHSc(Osteo) MAOA

Dylan graduated from Victoria University specialising in neck pain, back pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation. His skill set varies using multiple techniques like deep tissue massage, joint articulation/ mobilisation and spinal joint manipulation.

Previously Dylan played VFL football but also enjoyed competing in cricket, triathlon’s, basketball, golf and recently has taken on boxing. With such a keen interest in the sporting field, sports specific rehab and pain management was a primary focus in his studies.

Dylan previously worked with the Hawthorn Football Club in the AFL for the past two years as part of the medical team. Working under some of the AFL’s leading medical staff Dylan has been developed a better understanding of the intricacies involved in elite athletes that he can now implicate within his own treatment plans. Not only for current injuries but also for future pre-rehabilitation and return to sport.

Dylan also has a previous history of working for the past 8 years as a Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, which leaves him with great experience and understanding of both medical and traumatic conditions which he can reflect and use in conjunction with his Osteopathic knowledge.